Easy Easter decor

PA Photo/Handout
PA Photo/Handout

Easter decoration is now more popular than ever, and like Christmas, is becoming the perfect excuse to indulge your inner stylist.

This year’s trends - fresh-as-paint pastels or more vibrant hues, from bright greens to daffodil yellows - are perfect for spring schemes and make a home look suitably dressed for the occasion.

Avoid over-elaborate displays and opt for simple, stylish touches. Skandi homes are known for their pared-back good looks, and their traditional table-top trees, hung with pretty eggs, are worth adopting.

Release your inner child and paint those yourself, or let the kids loose with some dye or paints. Add a wreath, a table dressed with flowers, and perhaps a scattering of hen, chick or bunny-decorated tableware and accessories, and you’re there.

It’s all about setting the scene and enhancing a special family occasion, whether it’s a brunch, a lunch or an egg hunt and chocolate-fest. There’s a whole Easter parade of decor delights to choose from, so simply take your pick and get cracking!

Choose a couple of key points in the home to decorate - whether indoors or out.

“Fill a vase with branches of Spring blossom and decorate with chocolate or blown eggs and tiny artificial birds, for a magical statement which will have children transfixed,” says Jenny Hurran, founder of Out There Interiors.

“For a full-on Easter vibe, hang coloured eggs from a chandelier and a string of eggs at each window. Use a mantel for a display with ‘cutesy’ porcelain ornaments, posies in tea-cups and propped up pastel prints - if you ever needed an excuse to be ‘girly’, Easter is it!

If the weather’s good, decorate outside shrubs or trees by hanging fake eggs from their branches, which could be clues in the egg hunt.”