Aberdeen College praised by inspectors

Aberdeen College is one of the largest colleges in Scotland. It has also widely recognised as leading the way in terms of educational innovation and business organisation.

The report of the recent review of the College by Her Majesty’s Inspectors, published today, re-confirms the status of the College as being in the forefront of post-16 educational provision in Scotland.

The published report confirms that the Inspectors have full confidence in all aspects of the College’s work. It identifies and records a wide range of strengths of the College and four areas which are sector-leading or examples of excellence.

And, what is exceptionally unusual is that the report does not identify a single point for action by the College.

A College spokesman said:

“This is the cleanest of clean bills of health and the people of Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire should be extremely proud and delighted that their local College is quite clearly outstanding in the quality of its services.”

Aberdeen College plays a massively important role in the North-East. It recruits over 6000 full-time students each year across a wide range of vocational areas. It has close links with Banff & Buchan College to ensure there is a fully integrated Further Education provision across the whole region. It is an Associate College – the only one – of Robert Gordon University, with over 300 students per year progressing from College HND programmes direct into year three of related degrees at RGU. It also has close links with the University of Aberdeen with an increasing number of HND students progressing direct to year three degree level.

More than 30% of all North East school leavers progress to Aberdeen College when they leave school.

Many school pupils across the region benefit from a wide range of College vocational courses while they are still at school.

As well as this, many adults join college courses at a later stage when they want to change career direction, acquire new skills or refresh existing ones.

For more information on Aberdeen College, please visit their website at www.abcol.ac.uk.