Academy leaver destinations unveiled

Councillor Charles Buchan.
Councillor Charles Buchan.

Figures showing the leaver destinations of Fraserburgh Academy pupils for the last academic year have been revealed.

The statistics, which outline what happens to school leavers after they leave secondary education, are due to be discussed at a meeting of the Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure Committee on Thursday, March 20 (today).

Fraserburgh Academy.

Fraserburgh Academy.

In 2012/13, Fraserburgh Academy had the second largest number of school leavers in Aberdeenshire (221) between Peterhead (270) and Mackie academies (220).

The percentage ofpupils going to a university (or other Higher Education) from Fraserburgh was 27.6%, which was higher than Kemnay (27.5%), Banff (21%), Mintlaw (18.5%) and Peterhead (18.5%).

The percentage of pupils going to Further Education, including those entering courses at the North East Scotland College, from Fraserburgh was 41.4%, the highest in Aberdeenshire. This compares with Banff (33.5%), Mintlaw (39.9%), and Peterhead (33.3%).

The top schools for those going straight into employment were Peterhead and Mintlaw (37%), followed by Mearns Academy (36.4%). Fraserburgh scored 22.6% of school leabers going straight into work.

The school which had most pupils unemployed on leaving was Kemnay (10.1%), followed by Peterhead (9.2%) and Banff (9.1%). Fraserburgh came in at 5.9%.

Commenting, Councillor Charles Buchan said: “Overall, I’m very pleased with these figures. It is reassuring our Higher Education figures are well above our nearest neighbours, Mintlaw, Peterhead and Banff, showing that many of our Fraserburgh pupils are amongst the brightest in Aberdeenshire, even though there are many of our pupils still not getting the message that a degree, especially in vocational subjects like engineering or law, can be their passport to success.

“It is also noteworthy that, at 5.9% unemployed, Fraserburgh is much better off than many of our neighbours, although I would agree that it would be better if the figure was zero!

“Well done to the parents, pupils and staff of Fraserburgh Academy, and congratulations to the school on its Inspection Report.”

The agenda of today’s meeting of the ELL committee can be found via the Aberdeenshire Council website.