Academy pupils kick-off C.I.N.

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On Monday, Fraserburgh Academy’s sixth years hosted a game of football towards Children in Need featuring the academic wizardry of their teachers on the field of play. Taking the lead early on during the lunch break, the teachers’ side – which featured a mix of both students and teachers – looked to be cruising following a Mr. JW Noble goal.

Defensive lapses cost the teachers in the second half, though, and despite going a second goal up, the teachers were soon pinned back to a draw in what was a fun, lively affair.

Jeers from the onlooking supporters added to the atmosphere, and despite appeals from the teachers for off-side, two further goals were gifted to the students, allowing them to run out comfortable 4-2 winners on the day.

During the event, pupils collected donations for the Children in Need charity, while others took the opportunity to critique the footballing skills, or lack thereof, of their teachers.

Fraserburgh Academy continues to break their own personal records for the Children in Need charity regularly, and it is expected that this year should be no exception for the North East school. Sixth years, who have been given free reign of the fundraising endeavour, will hold events each lunch time at the Academy throughout the week in an effort to raise as much money as they can for the good cause. The Fraserburgh Herald will have full coverage of the events in next week’s newspaper, including pictures and reaction from the students and teachers involved in the fundraising effort.

Beyond that, the Charities Committee, headed by Steven Whyte and Erin Watson of Fraserburgh Academy hope to host a car washing event on Saturday 12 November, where members of the public can bring their cars to the Academy and, for a charitable donation, can enjoy the perks of having someone else clean their car.

Children in Need is an annual event hosted by the BBC in aid of supporting UK children in disadvantaged circumstances. The goal of the campaign is to ensure that every child is given the chance to achieve their goals in life via the charity work of volunteers such as the continued work of the Charities Committee at Fraserburgh Academy, as well as the pupils.

Those interested in making a donation to the Children in Need charity, or would like more information, are encouraged to visit the BBC website at