Author visits Inverallochy

AUTHOR: Sam Wilding is also an ambassador for Asthma UK.
AUTHOR: Sam Wilding is also an ambassador for Asthma UK.

On Wednesday , March 21, best-selling children’s author Sam Wilding visited Inverallochy Primary School to share his Imagination session workshops.

Mr Wilding, who has written a series of fantasy fiction book in the Denthan Trilogy, entertained and educated the children aged from 3 yrs to 11 yrs, using an array of exciting and engaging sessions.

The younger children of the school were introduced to Tiffy and Toffy, a pair of sister mice, portrayed in a series of Picture books, including ‘Annie Adder’s Gold’ and ‘The Squashed Worm and Bramble Pie’ to name just two of the four picture books released to date.

Sam Wilding introduced Tiffy and Toffy, along with puppetry in the shape of mice, moles and big pink worms!

The older children were enthralled to be playing a type of ‘Countdown’ using vowels and consonants, to create new imaginary monsters as featured in ‘The Magic Scales’ Mr Wilding’s first novel.

A little later, Mr Wilding would introduce scene settings and large slides, projections as well as giving all the children an opportunity to create a huge wallpaper type drawing, which every child who attended had a hand in drawing!

As an ambassador for Asthma UK, Sam Wilding gave a little talk on the medical condition, telling the children that he had Asthma, and so did the leading character in all the Denthan Fantasy Fiction Trilogy books.

A busy day was enjoyed by all the 125+ boys and girls of Inverallochy School, who were kept busy with the ‘Just Imagination’ sessions that Olida Publishing has introduced to school children all over Scotland.

Proprietor of Olida Publishing Allan Sneddon, would like to thank the Head of Inverallochy School, Eunice Stephen and all the teachers for their assistance and opportunity for making the day a huge success.

If you would like Sam Wilding to come along to your son or daughters school, please ask the head of the school to contact Allan Sneddon, of Olida Publishing (based in Peterhead) on 0785 32 32 814 or visit