Awards success for Tyrie School

Nine pupils from Tyrie Primary School near Fraserburgh were recognised with the Young Aberdeenshire Volunteer Awards recently.

The pupils achieved their awards, through a variety of activities including litter monitoring duties, helping with an eco-garden tidy up and taking part during their summer holiday in the Fraserburgh Junior Warden Scheme to name a few. All the children gave up their time for others voluntarily.

In a recent presentation the P3 to P7 pupils, who had diligently worked towards the awards, were congratulated and accredited with levels from Bronze to Gold from two representatives from Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire (VCA), Rhona Davidson, who is Development Officer for the Fraserburgh area, and Admin Assistant Isabelle Taylor. The pupils were reminded that volunteering can be fun and were wished luck with their forthcoming Comic Relief Fundraising Day, which is organised by the pupils themselves. Lots of fun activities are planned for the event, including a Tyrie School Pupil Talent Show, guess the weight of the jar of sweeties and something a bit trickier – a sponsored silence.

With so many new and exciting projects coming up within the School, a lot more Volunteer Awards are sure to be heading their way to Tyrie.

Mrs Ogston, head teacher of the school, commented: “It is great to see so many pupils enthusiastic about giving up their time to help others and receiving the recognition they deserve in becoming responsible citizens and effective contributors. This is a project that is fully supported by the school and we will hopefully have many more awards to hand out in the future.”

The Young Aberdeenshire Volunteer Award was launched by the Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire (VCA) and is supported by the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership. The award supports the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence through the development of two key capacities in young people - responsible citizens and effective contributors – and is for young people aged five to 15 years old.

The Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire’s role is to support schools in the local development of the award, and they will provide administrative support to facilitate the recording of pupil’s achievements and issuing certificates. The Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire would also like community groups and local charities that offer volunteering opportunities to young people to support this new award.

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