Broch Academy beats national and shire averages

Fraserburgh Academy
Fraserburgh Academy

Pupils at Fraserburgh Academy are now finding a positive destination when leaving the school at a higher rate than national and shire averages.

Figures reveal that 96.7% of students leaving last year went on to find a job, an apprenticeship or attend further or higher education.

This is a stark rising from last years figure of 91.3% and surpasses the national average 92.9% and the impressive Shire average of 95.6%.

Literacy and numeracy figures are also above the national average while the school continuously outscores it’s Virtual Comparator - a performance benchmarking tool based on the social and economic background of the academy.

Fraserburgh Academy has implemented a number of practices to help ensure the continuing development of its students including appointing a principal teacher for improving the quality of teaching.

They have also increased the number of reports that enable students to have more accurate and useful feedback on what they have learned as well as increasing dialogue with parents if there is a “drift” from expected performance.