Broch’s bright sparks brush up their science skills

Kirsytn Allen, Miss Kim Allan, Kate Gillespie, Jack Clark, Lara Reid and Kai Lee
Kirsytn Allen, Miss Kim Allan, Kate Gillespie, Jack Clark, Lara Reid and Kai Lee

Budding scientists from Fraserburgh Academy gained a valuable insight to the skills they’ll need to pass their secondary school exams during a recent visit to Robert Gordon University (RGU).

A group of five S6 Advanced Higher Science pupils spent two days at RGU on Wednesday, August 26 and Thursday, August 27.

Pupils Kirstyn Allen, Kate Gillespie, Jack Clark, Lara Reid and Kai Lee joined biology and science teacher Miss Kim Allan to develop their knowledge to Advanced Higher level to succeed at the recently introduced Curriculum for Excellence.

Miss Allan, who graduated from RGU with a degree in Applied Biomedical Science degree in 2011, contacted RGU lecturer Dr Marie Goua from the university’s School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences to set up the visit.

The pupils met with some of RGU’s leading science experts and got to work in the university’s modern laboratories where they spent time culturing cells and completing DNA analysis.

Pupil Jack Clarke (17) has been interested in science for a number of years and is keen to pursue a career using either biology or chemistry.

He said: “It’s been a great visit to RGU and everyone has been very friendly and helpful. The lab facilities at the university are a step up from what we’re used to at school and it’s been good to have had some independence to carry out our own experiments.”

Lara Reid (17) is aiming to study Pharmacy or Biomedical Science at university after she has finished her sixth year at Fraserburgh Academy.

She said: “I’m amazed by the facilities at RGU, the labs are very well equipped and there is enough space and resources for everyone to work on experiments at the same time so we can work with each other and learn together.

“The lab sessions were hands-on which is great as we all got to learn a lot which will help us with our projects at school which are worth a lot of marks.”

Class teacher Miss Kim Allan said: “With the recent change to The Curriculum for Excellence I’ve been keen to address the content change between Higher and Advanced Higher and the visit to RGU has definitely helped.”