Broch’s North and Rathen school to be over capacity by 2018

Councillor Charles Buchan.
Councillor Charles Buchan.

Fraserburgh and District councillor Charles Buchan has called for a special meeting following an education report brought before councillors last week.

The local member moved for the meeting at the Banff and Buchan Area Committee after Edwin Duncan, support services manager for the education, learning and leisure service, discussed the 2012 school roll forecasts.

Complimenting the service for their figures in the report, Councillor Buchan suggested that the report had “thrown up lots of local issues”, calling for a meeting with service officers to discuss the catchment and school estate boundary changes.

His suggestion will see a report come back to the committee at a future meeting.

The report itself concluded that there would be a likely increase in the overall pupil numbers over the next six years upto 2018.

“However, this pattern was not uniform with some areas expected to experience significantly high rises in pupil numbers, and others forecast to have falls,” the report states.

Banff and Buchan, for example, is estimated to have a -1.3% decrease in numbers over this period, with Fraserburgh North and Rathen Primary School set to be over capacity by 2018.

Conversely, Crimond, Inverallochy and St Combs are suggested to be operating at under 61% capacity in 2018.