Cluster Olympics 2012

An Olympics day is to be held in Fraserburgh that will involve all Primary Schools in the area on May 18.

Twelve local primary schools will take part in the ‘Cluster Olympics’ which will involve around 1600 pupils. The schools taking part are Crimond, Inverallochy, Lochpots, Fraserburgh North, Fraserburgh South Park, Rathen, Rosehearty, St Andrews, St Combs, Sandhaven, Tyrie and Westfield.

Each school will have a round of heats before the event and then ‘Olympians’ will be nominated from each school to take part on the day.

Those who don’t make it through the heats will still attend the event on the day.

Bellsea Park Football Club will be the grounds for the older pupils to take part in various sports whilst Kessock Park will be the venue for younger primary pupils.

An opening ceremony is due to take place with school choirs officially kicking off the day with a song which is hoped to be Heather Smalls - Pride.

The event also ties in with a national event which the local schools are participating in called the Big Dance 2012. This event is attempting to beat a world record with the most children dancing at one time up and down the country.

Organiser Heather Slater said:

“The day itself will be great and getting all of schools involved will hopefully encourage pupils to participate and take pride in the community.

“Each school will represent a different country - just like the Olympics itself. It allows the children learn about a different country and also get a feel for the Olympics. Although it is being held in London we are so far away that the children will only get a chance to see it on the TV and this way they can feel the buzz of being involved.

“The events taking place on the day will include mini soccer matches, mini rounders, discus, shot putt, javelin throw (which will be made of sponge), relay, sprinting, long jump and for the younger children there will also be a welly throw.

“We are hoping for some support and donations from the local community as we will have to provide transport for some schools, purchase some more sporting equipment and purchase medals for the winners on the day. We would also like to provide the children with water and a snack each on the day.”

If you would like to donate to the Cluster Olympic Day contact your local school or Heather Slater on 01346 518586.