College campaign finds support from opposition parties

Students, lecturers and members of the community have already delivered over 20,000 emails to their MSPs through the NUS Scotland campaign website, calling on them to make reversing the proposed £34.6m cut to college budgets a priority in the on-going budget negotiations.

Every Scottish Liberal Democrat, Scottish Labour and Scottish Conservative MSP has now backed the campaign to reverse the cut to college budgets.

The Fund Scotland’s Future campaign comes one year after NUS Scotland’s successful Our Future, Our Fight campaign, when a total of 80,000 emails were sent to MSPs, and resulted in an additional £40m being put back into the college

Robin Parker, President of NUS Scotland, said: “As the final countdown to the budget vote begins, we are redoubling our effort to see these college cuts reversed. Already, students have contacted their MSPs by the thousands, calling on them to restore college funding into the budget. And MSPs have responded, with Scottish Labour, Liberal Democrats, and Conservatives each signing up to the campaign and agreeing to prioritise the reversal of college cuts during the budget

“Colleges in Scotland provide people of all ages the opportunity to develop skills they need to find work during difficult economic times. With such high levels of unemployment, the role of colleges is now more important than ever. If we want to protect students in Scotland, we must protect

“As the final debates over the budget begin, we urge people throughout Scotland to continue contacting MSPs from every political party about the college cuts through our website, Fund Scotland’s Future. We also call on the remaining MSPs who have yet to join the campaign to listen to the students, lecturers and community members contacting them every day, and reverse the proposed £34.6m cuts to colleges.”