College students get real workplace experience

Sillence please: Brian Sillence's website project will be uploaded as Link-Up's new website.
Sillence please: Brian Sillence's website project will be uploaded as Link-Up's new website.

HNC Multimedia Students at Banff and Buchan College had a chance to put their skills to the test when they were tasked with the project of creating a website for a childcare organisation.

Link-Up, who run the College’s Busy Bees Nursery told to the students’ tutor about their need for a website to be built. As these 3 students had completed all their work, they had the time to give their support.

Tutor Alex John said ‘This was a fantastic opportunity for the boys to create a web project for a real client. They worked as a team to gather all the information Link-Up required, images that were cleared for using on the web by parents, text & logos and then met the ladies at Link-Up again to confirm all the information gathered was suitable and what they required.

“When they had all completed their web projects a meeting was set up at Link-up for them to pick the website they thought was best.

“They all agreed that the website created by Brian Sillence was the one they liked best. Brian was extremely thrilled that his web project was chosen and is going to upload the website and show the ladies how to maintain and update the information on the website.

“This is a fantastic project for Brian to have on his CV and in his portfolio and I am sure it will stand him in good stead to gain work or further his education following his graduation from College.”

Brian said “I think that the Web project as a whole gave each of us a good understanding of what it is like to do a commission for a client. This gave us a taste of dealing with clients and working to a real brief. I am pleased they have chosen my design for their website, as this justifies the amount of work I put into giving them what they asked for. This project has given me a good challenge to learn new skills and reinforce those I have already.”