Councillor praises Broch schools

IMPROVEMENTS: Westfield school will have works carried out over the summer.
IMPROVEMENTS: Westfield school will have works carried out over the summer.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Charles Buchan has praised schools in Fraserburgh, Invercairn and Rathen in light of their physical education achievements.

The councillor told the Fraserburgh Herald that the schools had met the Scottish Government’s minimum targets of two hours per week physical education in primary schools, and 100 minutes per week in secondary school.

“School-based physical activity for our children and young adults is essential.

“With so many sedentary leisure choices available nowadays to young people in their spare time, such as watching TV, DVDs, playing electronic games, I am glad our schools are all giving their pupils the opportunity to exercise and benefit from fresh air and daylight, to the advantage of their physical and mental health.

“In this area, Fraserburgh schools are ahead of the game,” councillor Buchan told the Herald, adding that in the whole of Aberdeenshire the figure for schools reaching the target was 77% for primaries and 91% for secondaries.

Councillor Buchan had also pressed the issue of children’s wellbeing in being able to cross safely at Boothby Road at last month’s community council meeting. His fellow Fraserburgh and district councillor, Brian Topping, contacted us this week to add that South Park Primary School had contacted the Fraserburgh Academy parent council to seek their support in securing safety measures for the road.

Councillor Topping said: “It has been a problem for many years,” adding that the proposal had support from councillors and schools. We’ve got to make them make an exception,” he commented, in regards to the criteria needed for Aberdeenshire Council to put in place crossing measures.