Darts marathon raises over £3,300 for Fraserburgh primary school

Michael Smith and Mary Hill present the cheque to Westfield School
Michael Smith and Mary Hill present the cheque to Westfield School

Two darts players have donated over £3,000 to a Fraserburgh primary school after hosting a marathon charity event in September.

Michael Smith and Mary Hill handed over a cheque for £3,328 to Westfield School which will be used to purchase specialised playing equipment for the kids.

Michael, who organised the charity darts marathon, said: "It's for a good cause and it's great to help out.

"Quite a few darts players turned up this year and it was a great day."

Michael has been organising the darts marathon for five years, with September's event at the Ark Inn, Sandhaven, the biggest he's ever had with over 20 players involved and the most money they've ever raised.

He said: "This was our fifth year and we thank everyone, from all the sponsors and local businesses and thanks to all the darts players that took part again and thanks to Mary Hill who has been with us for the five years.

"It's getting better and better every year which is great."

The charity event sees players continuously playing for 12 hours and Michael calculated that over the past five years they have raised £11,570 for the school.

Sue Baxter, Westfield School Deputy Head Teacher, said it was "wonderful" as she accepted the most recent donation.

Ms baxter said: "The Pupil Council have already identified that we need some more play equipment because children learn through play.

"So this [cheque] will make a great start - we have already started collecting but this will be a huge boost."