Go-ahead for Westfield upgrades

Planning permission has been granted for renovations at Westfield School, Fraserburgh.

Councillors gave the go-ahead to a number of upgrades at a recent meeting of the Banff and Buchan Area Comittee.

Aberdeenshire Council was seeking the formation of a new entrance area, installation of glazed roof lights, painting of the external envelope, the erection of a biomass plant and the erection of playground fencing at the school on Argyll Road.

Two consultations and no representations were made in relation to the planning application.

The application was found to comply with Development Plans and the Council planning department’s main recommendation was to grant permission for the upgrades. In a unanimous decision, councillors granted full planning permission.

An earlier report accompanying the proposals told of the need for a new entrance to the school, stating: “On arriving at Westfield it is immediately apparent that the school lacks a clearly defined entrance. The existing entrance is through narrow double doors, up two steps and (without any glass) is not visible from the inside.”