High praise from First Minister for Fetterangus

Fetterangus School pupils with head teacher John Black
Fetterangus School pupils with head teacher John Black

Aberdeenshire East MSP Alex Salmond has written to the head teacher of Fetterangus School, John Black, to congratulate him and his staff following the publication of the latest inspection report.

Education Scotland inspectors visited the school, near Mintlaw, and awarded quality indicators of ‘very good’ or ‘good’.

Inspectors praised the supportive ethos and family atmosphere at the school, children’s learning experiences, their opportunities for achievement and the very high standard of children’s performance in music.

Mr Salmond said: “This is an excellent report which all the staff at Fetterangus School should be very proud of.

“The report highlighted the significant role played by support staff and community volunteers in shaping children’s learning at the school.

“The school’s strong links with the community and emphasis on a wide range of subjects such as French and music obviously provide a very well-rounded education for pupils.

“Fetterangus School is a great example of a school attaining superior results and maintaining an admirable relationship with the wider community.”

Speaking to the Buchanie about the school’s success, head teacher Mr Black said: “We are all very pleased that the inspection report recorded the many positive aspects of the children’s school experience and we are equally pleased that it highlights the hard work and the amount of work collectively by staff, pupils, parents and the wider community.

“The feedback from parents has been positive and they are very proud of the school.”

Mr Black added: “We are very proud and pleased to have received a letter from the First Minister and we appreciate that someone of such a high position has taken recognition of a local school.”

During their visit, inspectors talked to parents and children and worked closely with the Mr Black and his staff.

They wanted to find out how well children are learning and achieving, and how well the school supports children to do their best.

Inspectors branded Fetterangus a “happy school with a family atmosphere and a positive, nurturing climate.”

They also noted that children were friendly and confident, they had shown an eagerness to learn, and spoke about their achievements with pride. In a letter to parents, the HM Inspector said:

“The he'ad teacher provides very effective leadership.

He has successfully engaged the local community in supporting the school. Teachers are good at planning work at different levels for the children at different stages in their classes.

”We are confident that the school’s self-evaluation processes are leading to improvements and we will make no further visits in connection with this inspection.”