Leadership training for Academy pupils

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Twenty six pupils from Fraserburgh Academy were lucky enough to participate in Leadership Training on March 20.

The third year pupils who are all Columba 1400 Leadership Graduates, ran a day of Leadership Training for the 26 pupils who are members of the Fraserburgh Academy Pupil Leadership and Learning Council.

The day was hosted by Fraserburgh South Church and the pupils enjoyed the experience and learned so much about Leadership in Action and how developing leadership skills is linked to our school values of Awareness, Focus, Creativity, Integrity, Perseverance and Service.

Mrs Pauline Buchan, Acting Rector said:

“At Fraserburgh Academy, we firmly believe that pupils have the capacity to be leaders at a young age and now our Pupil Leadership initiatives are self-sustaining in that our pupils are using their leadership experiences to train their peers in an interactive and relevant way through a range of values based activities.”

The core of Columba 1400 is to work with young people partnerships with schools, secondary support units, young carers services and social work services.

Columba 1400’s fundamental belief is that all young people, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to maximise their potential.