MSP backs anti-bullying week

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Alison McInnes, Liberal Democrat MSP for North East Scotland, has welcomed Scotland’s national anti-bullying week.

Anti-bullying week - an annual event run by Respectme, the anti-bullying service - is taking place from November 17 to 21.

The purpose of anti-bullying week is to raise awareness of the damage that bullying can cause and promote the ways in which it can be tackled.

In the North-east, just one example of the prevention work taking place throughout Scotland has been the Aberdeenshire Youth Commission on Bullying.

This was a project set up by Aberdeenshire Council so that young people could make recommendations about how best numerous services can tackle bullying. The nineteen young commissioners will receive an award as part of anti-bullying week.

Bullying affects young people from all backgrounds but studies have shown that young lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, ethnic minority and disabled people are particularly at risk.

Additionally the rise of cyber bullying is of great concern as young people spend more and more of their time online.

Commenting, Alison said: “National anti-bullying week is a fantastic initiative. Bullying has the potential to ruin a young person’s life causing great psychological harm and often leading to low self-esteem.

“Additionally studies show that young people who are subject to bullying often fall behind in school, this can cause serious problems later in life.

“I am very concerned at the continuingly high numbers of disabled, minority and LGBT pupils who are subjected to this treatment.

“All children should feel safe in school, no matter their background.

“I pay tribute to the incredible work of Respectme and offer my congratulations to the Aberdeenshire Youth Commission on Bullying on winning an award as part of anti-bullying week.”