North East College is a top performer

North East Scotland College in Fraserburgh.
North East Scotland College in Fraserburgh.

A company or business measures its success by reporting growing profits, or a growing number of satisfied customers.

By publishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they can maintain the confidence of their stakeholders.

Colleges also have KPIs and continually monitor the success of their students over the year.

Figures recently reported by North East Scotland College (NESCol) for academic year 2015/16, not only highlight continuous improvement, but exceed national averages.

v86.1% of Higher Education full time students completed studies. The pass rate for HE programmes (HNC/HND) was 77.1%; the highest in the last five years and 5% over average.

v 18-24 year olds were the highest to successfully complete their studies with 74.9% achieving their awards.

v 77.3% of Further Education full time students completed studies in the year with 67.4% achieving their award. (2% over the national average.)

Principal Liz McIntyre explained: “The indicator inform the College Regional Board, the communities it serves, and stakeholders about the performance of the college.

“We monitor our programmes to ensure they are relevant to students and employers, offering qualifications that are respected and recognised nationally and internationally. Where student performance is below its expectation the College reviews its programmes, teaching methods, recruitment and the support that is given to students to see where improvements can be made.”

Other results for 2015/16 include:

vOver 80% of Further Education students studying Media, Nautical Studies, and Languages &ESOL achieved their awards.

v The highest success rates for HE programmes were achieved in Construction, 87% .

Male success rates were slightly higher in Further Education programmes and female success rates were higher in Higher Education programmes.

The success rate for learners sponsored by their employers is high at 80%.