Over £1000 raised for school project

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Some excellent fund-raising has been undertaken by those attending the Aberdeen Foyer Programme called REACH in the JIC Building in Albert Street.

REACH is a 12-week college-funded programme, and the word stands for Recovery, Employability, Achievement, Challenge and Hope. It is open to anyone from 16 to 65 years old in recovery from long term illness, poor mental health or dependencies.

As part of the programme students have to choose a community project and fund-raise for it. Team 7 has decided to support the Westfield School by fund-raising to build an ‘Outdoor Sensory Learning Experience’ for pupils to benefit from.

The first fund-raiser was a ‘soup and pudding’ on Monday March 6 at the JIC Building. The following Monday there was a ‘prize bingo’ up at Westfield School in Argyll Road, the amazing combined total raised so far is £1045.35.

Student Gareth Tait told us: “We look forward to getting started and creating a wonderful place for the pupils to enjoy and use for furthering their learning experience .

“Donations of building supplies would be gratefully received. Things like slabs, wood, screws, nails, soil or compost or fencing.”