Parents raise road safety concerns

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A Fraserburgh councillor has met with parents in a bid to address road safety concerns at one of the town’s primary schools.

Broch councillor Charles Buchan attended a meeting of Southpark School’s Parent Association to hear concerns about pupil safety when being dropped off at and picked up from school.

At present, Philorth Avenue - where Southpark School is situated - has a 30mph speed limit rather than a ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ limit which is common near schools. Also causing concern amongst parents is that Southpark School has no school crossing patroller.

Speaking to the Herald, Councillor Buchan said he had taken a number of steps following the meeting.

Cllr Buchan said he had already contacted Chief Inspector Elaine Logue and new local inspector Stewart Drummond to discuss the safety issues and had also asked for a meeting with officers from the roads and education departments to see what can be done.

Councillor Charles Buchan said: “A meeting on Monday night of South School Parents Association, chaired by Susan Duthie, was called to discuss with staff, parents and myself, the grave concerns about safety to children at pick up times.

“I was horrified to learn that two incidents have already occurred when children were nearly injured by unthinking actions of motorists.

“Cars are parking illegally, on zigzags, corners, yellow lines, and double parking, causing congestion to other road users, just where children have to cross.

“Due to double parking, other frustrated road users are actually driving along pavements occupied by waiting parents with baby buggies and young children.”

“The school staff is being consulted on ways of reducing congestion outside the school at lunch times and at the end of the school day,” he added.

Southpark School chairperson Susan Duthie added: “There have been a few incidents at the school with motorists mounting the pavements and nearly hitting children because of the volume of the traffic and cars parked illegally.

“We really want to stop the illegal parking at the school to reduce the traffic.”