Parking fiasco at Westfield School

Fraserburgh and district councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping have recently been involved in looking to correct the issue of parked cars blocking access to Westfield School.

Councillor Buchan, contacting the Fraserburgh Herald, explained that parked cars near the entrance to the school were causing difficulties for the minibus drivers who transport children to and from the school.

Contacted by the school and a representative from the minibus drivers, Councillor Buchan said: ”There were concerns about safety, and congestion, as the parked cars blocked visibility for school vehicles carrying pupils to and from school, and the parking constricted the road, making it impossible for two large vehicles, like minibuses and student buses, to pass, resulting in reversing manoeuvres, to the distress of pupils.

“The parked cars occasionally blocked the drop-down kerb, resulting in wheelchairs being unable to access the pedestrian route to the College. The situation will be further aggravated when construction work begins on the Pathfinder improvements to Westfield School.”

Councillor Buchan, a former teacher at Fraserburgh Academy, informed the Herald that he had held a meeting last week with Councillor Topping, Kerri Doulton, headteacher of Westfield School, and representatives from Banff and Buchan College and Aberdeenshire Council’s roads department.

“The meeting was very positive, with all present appreciating the safety problems.

“The college is to discourage students from parking outside the school entrance, the roads department is to liaise with police about using cones during the construction phase, and will pursue the feasibility of placing single or double yellow lines on the road in the new Fraserburgh Traffic Plan,” Councillor Buchan told the Fraserburgh Herald.

Last month, readers alerted the Fraserburgh Herald to the issue of illegal parking outside of South Park Primary School.

It was discovered that Fraserburgh only has one traffic warden.

It was also revealed that, unless incidents of illegal parking were reported to Grampian Police, the traffic wardens were unlikely to be aware of the situation.

Grampian Police can be contacted via their non-emergency number on telephone number 0845 600 5 700, or via Crimestoppers anonymously on telephone number 0800 555 111.