Probationers welcomed to Shire schools

Meldrum Academy
Meldrum Academy

Nearly 150 probationer teachers will begin their career in Aberdeenshire on Friday (tomorrow).

A total of 92 primary and 51 secondary teachers will gather at Meldrum Academy to begin their induction programme.

They will be welcomed by Aberdeenshire Council Chief Executive Colin Mackenzie, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Education, Learning and Leisure Committee Cllrs Isobel Davidson and Ron McKail and members of the senior management team.

There will be talks from a range of council education specialists covering topics including Curriculum for Excellence, child protection, information technology and the mentoring scheme.

The mentors provide guidance, support and assessment of the teachers during their probationary period.

Chair of the Education, Learning and Leisure Committee Cllr Isobel Davidson said: “The mentoring scheme ensures that the strengths and development needs of probationer teachers are identified and addressed in a supportive and responsive way.

“This approach enhances learning and teaching in the classroom and develops confidence and leadership skills during the first year of a teacher’s career.”

Vice-Chair of the Education, Learning and Leisure Committee Cllr Ron McKail added: “I am very happy to be part of the induction day which I am sure will be a beneficial and informative experience for our new colleagues.

“I am looking forward to welcoming and meeting this year’s intake of probationer teachers and wishing them well in what I hope will be a long and rewarding career for them all.”