Pupils get ‘Access’ to study

Megan Karakus and Chloe Craighead from Peterhead Academy.
Megan Karakus and Chloe Craighead from Peterhead Academy.

More than 200 S5 and S6 pupils from across Aberdeen City and Shire have taken part in this year’s ‘Access To’ programme at Robert Gordon University (RGU), which gives them a taste of university life.

The expanded 2015/16 ‘Access To’ programme for the first time offered taster sessions in computing and engineering in addition to law; art and architecture; management; life sciences; health professions; and communication and media.

In addition to Aberdeen City pupils, youngsters from Mintlaw, Peterhead and Fraserburgh also attended the programme for the first time this year.

S6 Peterhead Academy pupils Megan Karakus (16) and Chloe Craighead (17) completed the ‘Access to Allied Health Professions’ programme.

Chloe, who is hoping to study pharmacy at university, said: “Getting to meet the lecturers at RGU has made us more comfortable and shown us what the different courses would be like. It’s also been really useful to find out what we need to do to get accepted to the courses.

Megan, who wants to study physiotherapy, added: “It’s been a good experience to meet new people from different schools and an opportunity to work with other pupils we don’t get to see every day.”

Fifth year pupil Ben Mellin (16), from Mintlaw Academy, said: “It’s been great to have access to the engineering machines at the university.”

Acting Senior Project Coordinator for the ‘Access To’ programme at RGU, Rhona McComiskie, said: “The pupils have been really committed and enthusiastic about the programmes, which has been great to see.”