Pupils take part in Coastal Classroom project

Pupils from Rosehearty School taking part in their coastal classroom.
Pupils from Rosehearty School taking part in their coastal classroom.

Pupils from Fraserburgh North School and Rosehearty School headed out to a unique coastal classroom set up by an educational charity.

The pupils from the two primary schools took part in the project which was organised by environmental education charity ‘Wild things!’

The six-week outdoor programme allowed the children to explore the natural landscape around the Moray Firth coastline.

Once a week, the pupils were given the opportunity to combine exploration with games and practical tasks to discover the science behind tides and currents, discover some of the uses of seaweed and even turn objects from the beach into works of art.

Highlights of the programme include working with Whale and Dolphin Conservation on a cetacean survey and carrying out conservation work along the beach.

The initiative is designed to encourage children to get outdoors and learn from the natural environment and the importance of conservation as well as help re-introduce children to outdoor play.

The programme has received support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Ellen Packham, Operations and Marketing Manager with Wild things! said: “It can seem strange that we’re encouraging children to get outdoors and explore but for many children these days they simply don’t put their jackets on and head out. Children’s idea of play has changed and indoor activities, such as watching TV and playing on tablets, have taken over.

“There are so many benefits to experiencing the outdoors, both physically and emotionally, and the children just love it.

“You can see them grow in confidence as the weeks go by and they become really excited about nature.”

Wild things! - which was founded in 1993 by Jennie Martin - is a registered charity which uses the natural environment to inspire and educate people of all ages about the natural world and the benefits conservation brings to our daily lives.

Wild things! offers a number of programmes for different age groups and, as well as the Coastal Classroom programme, there are also courses based around the forest and bush craft skills.

Further information is available from www.wild-things.org.uk or telephone 01309 690450.