Rathen School

Mrs MacGerogor had her last day of school before going on Maternity leave on Wednesday January 25.

She will be greatly missed by all and the school would like to take the opportunity to thank her for all her hard work, dedication and commitment.

In other school news, as part of their studies on farming, Mrs Rennie brought a variety of vegetables to school and spoke to P3-4 about seasonal vegetables and vegetables grown on farms in Scotland. Pupil Katie said:

“Mrs Rennie came to our school and showed us some vegetables grown on her farm. It was very interesting and there were heaps of vegetables.

Furthermore pupil Danny said:

“Mrs Rennie showed is healthy food produced. One of the things she showed us was an egg. The middle of the yolk and the around the yolk is the egg white.

Moreover, Rathen Primary School Calender 2012 has been a successful fundraiser. The school would like to say a big thank you to all the businesses featured on the calender for their donations of £50 and special thanks to the fundraising group for their hard work and effort. The grand total was £1050.

The after school clubs are up and running this term:

Monday 2.15-4.15pm Basketball for p3-7, Tuesday 3.15-4.15pm Football for p3-7, Wednesday 3.15-4pm - Choir for p4-7.

February 22 - p1-3, February 29 - p4-7, March 7 - p1-3, March 14 - p4-7, March 21 - p1-3, March 28 - p4-7.

The next cross country race is on Saturday February 28 at Aden Park. Good luck Rathen Racers!