Report gets Academy inspectors gold star

Fraserburgh Academy
Fraserburgh Academy

Fraserbugh Academy has shown positive development according to a new report by Education Scotland after a follow-up inspection.

Pupils at Fraserburgh Academy saw a 6% rise in S4 National 5 passes in exam results in August 2015 and other school success includes reaching the final of UK Rock Challenge last year.

David Clark, Head Teacher, said: ““The overwhelming message from the inspectors was that the atmosphere within the school is very calm and purposeful and young people are focussed on learning.

“I am proud of the pupils, staff and our learning community for their hard work which has transformed learning in the school.”

The inspection was a follow -up to a previous inspection in 2014 and Education Scotland have said that as a result of the positive inspection this time round they will not need to return to the school.

Fraserburgh and District Councillor Charles Buchan, who is also Vice-Chair of the Education, Learning and Leisure Committee, said: “The school has passed with flying colours.

“The school, under the leadership of Rector David Clark, has improved greatly, with pupils engaging well with their work, and good relationships are being forged between staff, parents and pupils.”

He added: “The improvement in Fraserburgh Academy is showing the way to other regeneration initiatives in the town.”

Some of the highlightes of the report include students benefitting from positive relationships with their teachers and that there is a more positive ethos and a greater emphasis on learning.

Mr Clark said: “We will continue to make progress to achieve even better results, make further improvements and outcomes for young people in Fraserburgh.”