Showing the youngsters how

Gray and Adams employees visit Playbarn too Nursery.
Gray and Adams employees visit Playbarn too Nursery.

The youngsters of Playbarn too Nursery have recently had a visit and help from the national business with its HQ in Fraserburgh - Gray and Adams.

They were visited by John and James from Gray and Adams, who worked with them to design their ‘cosy area’ and help them construct it.

This helps build the children’s self-esteem and empowers them from an early age.

Team leader of Stars Unit, Terry Wiseman has thanked the visitors and told us: “They took the children’s thoughts and ideas for what the cosy area should be and created it with them.

“Playbarn too is trying to encourage children to share their thoughts and ideas and support them in making them come real.

“Our visitors helped the children to use real tools in the construction work.

“I would like to thank John and James, as well as their employer, Gray and Adams, for their help and support to the children and staff. It is greatly and gratefully appreciated.”

Gray and Adams has been a family business in Fraserburgh since its founding in the burgh in 1957.

The company, which now has depots in Dunfermline, Doncaster, Bedford and Belfast, manufactures commercial vehicle bodies and trailers of almost every description, especially chilled or refrigerated ones, each designed to the customer’s specification.

The company ‘signs’ its products on the rear mudflaps.

There is a policy of community involvement, as evidenced by the number of reports of visits from craftsmen to schools, etc., that the Herald carries.