Students urged to write to their MSPs

NUS Scotland say that over 2000 students, lecturers and members of the community have written to their MSPs, calling on them to reverse a proposed £34.6m cut to college budgets.

NUS Scotland’s campaign against college budget cuts, Fund Scotland’s Future, is asksing students, staff and people who value the benefit that colleges bring to their community, to contact MSPs of every party through the website

Graeme Kirkpatrick, VP Education of NUS Scotland, said: “It’s great that in just the past month thousands of people in Scotland have contacted their MSPs about reversing the proposed cuts to colleges. Over 15,000 emails have be sent to MSPs of every party calling on them to make college funding a priority in budget negotiations. We now need MSPs to work together to reverse this proposed £34.6m cut.

“Colleges play a huge role in Scotland’s economy, whether it’s by offering young people opportunities to earn new skills, or by giving others the chance to return to education and reskill. Scotland’s colleges change communities and lives, and must be protected.

“MSPs should listen to the thousands of students, lecturers and community members who have contacted them and work to reverse the proposed £34.6m cuts to colleges. We need to fund Scotland’s future by seeing college budgets protected.”