Thanks for making Maelstrom one of the best parades ever: Modo

Action from the 2012 Maelstrom parade in Fraserburgh by Theatre Modo and sponsored by Shell.
Action from the 2012 Maelstrom parade in Fraserburgh by Theatre Modo and sponsored by Shell.

Theatre Modo have thanked the hundreds of young people from Fraserburgh, Peterhead, Mintlaw and the surrounding areas for taking part in the Maelstrom, the Shell Fireworks Parade.

Organisers said the young folk excelled themselves during the six-week period culminating in amazing peformances on the evening of November 2 when they treated around 10,000 people in the streets of Fraserburgh.

Modo would also like to thank the audience of thousands who came from all over Aberdeenshire to enjoy the parade. The young people in the parade were thrilled at the turnout and it was great to see their efforts rewarded by such a warm reception.

A spokesperson said: “With funding down on previous years, the generosity of local businesses and individuals in supplying items for the parade, places to rehearse and many other forms of assistance was greatly appreciated by the team who were made to feel most welcome in the Broch.”

Modo would like to encourage everyone who came to see Maelstrom to fill in the Survey Monkey Audience Questionnaire.

It is vital that they receive feeback from the event in order to see what could be improved or done differently and for future funding for similar projects in the area.

Now in its third year the Shell Fireworks Parade involves hundreds of participants from across Aberdeenshire, giving folk useful skills, experience and employment.

However as the numbers of people taking part, and the number of audience grows with each year, it gets more and more expensive to put on. And with the current economic climate the additional funds are hard to come by.

While the project gets great support from Shell and from a host of other organisations and individuals that support the project, as it expands we need to raise even more money to make sure it remains exciting and safe.

To see how donations help cover the costs of the event see