Theatre giant comes to West(field) End

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Pupils at a school in Fraserburgh will get a taste of the theatre as aperformance of Jack & the Beanstalk comes to them on Thursday.

Kids at Westfield School will be treated to M&M Productions travelling theatre company visits the school.

Kerri Dalton, Head Teacher, said: “This gives my youngsters a chance to experience it in an enviornment they are comfortable with.”

“We have our school and we invite another school from the community.”

The day is funded by Happy Days Children’s Charity, anational organisation which helps local children with a variety of special needs.

Ms Dalton said: “We find it really beneficial.

“It’s really engaging and interactive.”

As Westfield School educated pupils for both primary and secondery school ages a showing of The Hobbit will also be put on at a later date for the older children.

Rob Cox, Happy Days Fundraising Manager, said: “Our holidays, day trips, workshops and performances are a lifeline to children across the UK providing them with happiness and hope as well as important social and developmental skills.”