Westfield School gets the thumbs up from inspectors

Westfield pupils and teachers in art class
Westfield pupils and teachers in art class

FRASERBURGH’S Westfield School has received a positive report from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education.

The report was published last week and detailed the inspection that took place in August last year.

In the follow on report the school has been praised for its level of care in teaching. The report states:

“Staff have greatly improved the quality of children and young people’s learning. They are beginning to work more independently and a few young people work well in group settings.

“The curriculum is now more relevant and focuses well on developing children and young people’s literacy and numeracy skills.”

The school which caters for children with special needs had two acting headteachers from St Andrews school in Inverurie since 2009 but has now settled on Susan Stewart as its acting headteacher. Her leadership was also commended in the report for taking the school forward.

Ms Stewart told the Herald: “This was our follow up inspection, The staff have worked very hard to put into practice the first recommendation.

“We are delighted with this report and it shows all the hard work that has been done at the school.

The original inspection of the school in 2009 detailed a number of improvements the school needed to make including the development of professional skills for staff so that they can meet the needs of children across the school more effectively and a progression of leadership skills throughout the school.

The inspectors have highlighted a number of the schools strengths which include “effective teamwork and improved planning with Curriculum for Excellence.”

The Curriculum for Excellence website states: “Curriculum for Excellence aims to achieve a transformation in education in Scotland by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum from 3 to 18.”

The HMIE inspectors are now satisfied with the school and have no further visits planned with the original inspection.