Ella’s Wobble for Crimond pupils

Pupils from Crimond School will be going on an imaginary journey across the Scottish landscape shortly when they head into the wonderful world of sound as part of Generation Science, a touring programme of science shows and workshops delivered by the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Ella’s Wobble is an exciting interactive show where pupils discover how sounds are made, how pitch changes and where echoes come from. It follows the adventures of Ella who loses the sound of her voice and sets out on a journey to find it, meeting various creatures along the way.

Joan Davidson, Generation Science Manager said: “For more than 20 years Generation Science has been visiting schools all over Scotland, educating and exciting pupils by the true wonder and meaning of science.

“Our workshops are about how to sustainably use our planet’s resources, make informed choices about health, understand why science is so important and realizing the enormity of materials and forces that make up the Earth.

“By doing so in an entertaining and hands-on way, we hope we will not only bring science to life in the classroom, but inspire a future generation of scientists for Scotland.

Ella’s Wobble is one of 15 amazing shows and workshops provided by Generation Science, which are designed to make science fun, exciting and easy to understand and to help teachers cover the school science curriculum.

The Generation Science tour reaches over 60,000 primary school children and over 600 schools in 31 Local Authority areas annually, it is the largest school science touring programme in the UK and has activities for all ages, from infant classes right up to upper primary.

If your school would like to find out more about Generation Science Touring Scotland 2011 visit www.generationscience.co.uk or contact Emma Henderson on 07977 134 614.