Empty shops provoke debate


The Fraserburgh Herald asked its readers to give suggestions on ways to rejuvenate the Broch, with the news that Stead and Simpson would close its doors in November and, in turn, bring the number of empty shopfronts in the town centre up to

Residents past and present had shared their experiences of shopping in the town centre, with suggestions that shop staff were often rude and the selection of goods was poor.

Thanking everyone for their participation in answering our query, we discovered that the debate had continued after the story had been printed.

Charlie Reid, of the Stand United Regenerate Fraserburgh group, encouraged local shoppers online, saying: “shopping local is more expensive . . . well sometimes it is yes, especially if they have to order in [one] item you ask for but I have personally found that a majority of local shops can actually be cheaper than the big chain stores for a lot of things.”

Gillian Bain, of Fraserburgh Forward and owner of a store in the town centre, added her thoughts to the debate, commenting: “The biggest thing that will help Fraserburgh regenerate is for local people to start using local shops and to have a change in attitude towards their town. A negative attitude will not encourage any new businesses to come to the town. There are good shops in the town with good products yet people buy the same things from other places rather than spend the money here. Why line the pockets of other places when you live here? High street chains will not be attracted to a town which doesn’t support what they already have!

“As far as I am aware local business owners have no influence on what other businesses there can be in the town. I would think most would encourage other retailers to the area to encourage more trade in the town centre. There are lots of positives about the town - let’s try focusing on