End of an era as Andrew Begg closes in Fraserburgh

After over 60 years of serving the people of Fraserburgh, Andrew Begg shoe shop has closed its doors to the public for the final time.

The shop, which first opened in 1950, finished its last day of trading on Saturday, August 24.

Thefirm is owned by Andrew Begg, but the origins of the company can be traced back along several generations of Andrew’s family.

The family business started when Andrew’s great-great grandfather opened a shoe shop in New Pitsligo. The business was then continued by Andrew’s great grandfather.

But it was Andrew’s grandfather who first set up shop in Fraserburgh, 63 years ago.

When it closed, the shop employed two staff members

Andrew now lives in Aberdeen but still has relatives in Fraserburgh.

Andrew told the Fraserburgh Herald that he hopes to keep delivering their service in Peterhead, Aberdeen and Forfar.

Commenting, Andrew Begg said: “I’m really sad about it closing down.

“This shop has been part of my heritage since my grand-father bought the shop in 1950. This is really where the current Andrew Begg business has come from.

“All of the family businesses in Fraserburgh have been finding it really tough for the last few years since the decline of the fishing industry.

“We’ve been very proud to look after the feet of several generations of Brochers.

“I hope we will continue to serve people in Peterhead, Aberdeen and Forfar.”