Airport objects to turbine at Mormond

Mormond Hill
Mormond Hill

Aberdeen International Airport has become the latest objector to the proposed erection of a wind turbine on a hill near Strichen.

The controversial structure planned for Mormond Hill has already drew objections in the form of the MOD, Environmental Health and local residents.

Aberdeen International Airport has now joined a growing list of objectors in a letter to Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services on November 25.

Fraser Bain, Safeguarding Manager at AIA, said: “The proposed development has been examined from an aerodrome safeguarding perspective and conflicts with safeguarding criteria.

“We therefore object to this application.

“The objection is based on the technical impact on the NATS radar and the fact that this impact is unacceptable to Aberdeen En Route ATC.”

Mr Bain did stipulate however that the airport would withdraw its objection on receipt of a mitigation and implementation programme from NERL - the licencing body for air navigation traffic services held by NATS.

On November 18 NATS had itself objected to the proposed wind turbine on grounds that it “conflicts with safeguarding criteria”.

Namely it would interfere with radar signals needed for aeroplane navigation.

The MOD had previously objected to the 79 metres turbine on the grounds that it would cause “unacceptable interference to the AD radar at Buchan”.

David Naylor-Gray, MOD Safeguarding Officer, said: “The probability of the radar detecting aircraft flying over or in the vicinity of the turbines would be reduced, and the RAF would be unable to provide a full air surveillance service in the area of the proposed wind farm.”

Mr Naylor-Gray also stated that the turbine would create “false” aircraft returns.