Broch coastal path reopens after repair


A coastal path in Fraserburgh has been repaired and reopened on its original route after the council had mooted plans to reroute it inland.

The path, which links the harbour with the Wine Tower and the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, was damaged in a storm over three years ago and was considered for closure.

But local councillors fought against the proposed rerouting of the path, saying it would be damaging to tourism.

Charles Buchan, Councillor for Fraserburgh and District, said: “I’m delighted that this very important part of the coastal path is now repaired and safe to use.”

He added: “With the help of fellow councillor Brian Topping, we have rejected initial plans to close off the route permanently, and have successfully won the argument that this tourist route be kept open.”

Cllr Buchan said that the council had originally insisted that the path was “to difficult and to expensive” to repair.

However the councillor argued that building a new path was quoted at nearly £200,000.

The path has now reopened at a fraction of that price with 20 metres of the path lifted and replaced away from the cliff edge and a safety barrier installed.

It was worried that the closing or rerouting of the path would take visitors away from some of the Broch’s biggest tourist attractions.

Cllr Buchan said: “It allows access to the scenic route from the harbour to the Wine Tower and the two museums on Kinnaird Head, the Lighthouse Museum, and the Heritage Centre.

“It also completes the round the headland path to the conservation area of Broadsea.”