Broch councillor appeals for rethink on Mormond

Mormond Hill
Mormond Hill

A Fraserburgh Councillor has spoken of his desire to see Mormond Hill included in Aberdeenshire Council’s Special Landscape Areas.

Councillor Charles Buchan believes that Mormond Hill and Waughton Hill should be included in the council’s new policy that allows ‘special’ areas extra protection from developers.

Cllr Buchan said: “Mormond Hill is our most prominent feature in the fairly flat Buchan countryside.

“It can be seen from long distances away, and the views from the top are stunning.”

At the Banff and Buchan Area Committee on Tuesday Cllr Buchan raised a motion for the hills to be included as a Special Landscape Area which was seconded by Cllr Michael Watt.

Councillor Ian Tait raised an amendment to the motion agreeing with the council’s stance that the hill was not important enough to be included as a special landscape.

Speaking in favour of Mormond Hill’s inclusion Cllr Buchan pointed to the prominent features of the stag and horse and also said that it is an important landmark for seamen returning to port as it can be seen from forty miles out and is the first indication of land.

He said: “Although a small hill in comparison with the giants of the likes of Macdhui and Braeriach, it stands out in a very special way, and has great significance to our people, town and fisher, as well as rural.

“If local democracy means anything, the feature of importance to residents is what is important.”

It total five councillors at the Area Committee were in favour of the hill being included, with three against the idea and one abstaining.

At last months Buchan Area Committee Councillors also voiced their disapproval at Mormond Hill not being included as a Special Landscape Area.

At that meeting one Buchan Councillor insinuated that the person making the decision must have been blind.

Councillor Norman Smith, said of the man who made the decision: “There’s a white horse and a white stag but I think he must have had a white stick.”

Councillor Lenny Pirie said: “I think we must protect our heritage and culture and I would like Mormond Hill include as a special landscape.”

The comments made by councillors regarding Mormond Hill’s omission from the Special Landscapes Area will now go back before the Council for a future decision on its inclusion.

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