Councillor getting to the root of the weed problem

Councillor Ian Tait at Boothby Road.
Councillor Ian Tait at Boothby Road.

Residents of the Broch are never happy to see weeds growing in the town, and last year a large number made their feelings known to Councillor Ian Tait.

He said that even after the weeds had been sprayed there was still a considerable amount of growth.

Mr Tait continued: “The council awards a contract for the spraying work. It was originally for three years for twice-yearly sprays and then re-allocated on a year-by-year basis.

“This year‘s contract has been allocated and I told council officers that I would like the performance to be closely monitored.

“I also asked if the strength of the spray was specified by the council and adhered to, and this will be monitored too.

“I also pointed out that the contractor is spraying the weeds too far in to the verges and is also killing grass. I see this along verges where too much greenery is killed, leaving a broad strip along the road that becomes muddy.

“I am determined that the weed problem will be sorted out for this coming year and the option of the council taking the spraying back and doing it in-house is a viable option for me.”