Criticism of work spraying weeds

Very considerable dissatisfaction has been expressed by Aberdeenshire Councillors and residents about the amount of weeds on pavements.

Fraserburgh Councillor Brian Topping tabled a motion to the Infrastructure Services Committee on Thursday, criticising the quality of work done by the contractor appointed by the Council.

Councillor Topping said the motion had been very well received and he added it was likely that a report would go in front of the full council in November.

He explained that the contract with the company expired at the end of the year but that he recommended that an extra year’s option not be taken up, and the work be done in-house.

“Many constituents have spoken to me about the ineffective work that has been done, and many council colleagues are also sympathetic.”

He has seen contractors in action, with a motorised vehicle whizzing along the pavement, the driver steering with one hand and spraying with the other. A colleague was on board, spraying the other side.

He added: “When this is done with a wind blowing much of the spray misses its target.”