Dog fouling a danger to beaches

As Councillor Watt launches the R-dog initiative initiative in Fraserburgh for responsible dog owners, a report released last week has shown that the battle to combat the problem of irresponsible pet owners may be an uphill struggle.

The Marine Conservation Society beach litter survey reports that there has been an 11% increase of dog mess left in plastic bags across the United Kingdom’s beaches.

Remarkably, the rate of the increase on Scotland’s beaches was at 71%.

The Marine Conservation Society have said that this kind of litter on beaches can result in high levels of bacteria, which leads to a reduced water quality and a health risk to humans.

The most common pieces of litter on beaches included plastic, food wrappers and glass.

Fraserburgh’s beach, as reported by Grampian Police at last week’s meeting of the Community Council, was now being patrolled in relation to anti-social behaviour, the police having received reports that people were drinking in the area.

A regular sight for local residents at the beach is discarded bottles and cardboard alluding to alcohol consumption in the area.

Councillor Michael Watt hopes that his R-dog campaign will put pressure on dog owners who fail to clean up after their dog consistently.

Meanwhile, dog litter bins have been erected at points on Boothby Road.