Mormond Hill not a ‘special landscape”

Mormond Hill
Mormond Hill

Buchan Councillors have heavily disagreed with the Council’s decision to not include a historic hill on its list of ‘Special Landscape Areas’.

Mormond Hill has been omitted from Aberdeenshire Council’s list of ten areas that have enough significance that they are now afforded an extra level of protection from developers.

The hill near Strichen can be seen throughout Buchan and is adorned with a white horse and a white stag, the first of which is believed to date back as far as the late 17oo’s.

Councillor Norman Smith, said of the man who made the decision: “There’s a white horse and a white stag but I think he must have had a white stick.”

Other councillors at the Buchan Area Committee, under whose jurisdictione Mormond Hill falls under, were also keen to stress their belief that the hill should be included.

Councillor Pirie said: “I think we must protect our heritage and culture and I would like Mormond Hill include as a special landscape.”

The comments made by councillors regarding Mormond Hill’s omission from the Special Landscapes Area will now go back before the Council for a future decision on its inclusion.

Ten Special Landscape Areas have been designated by the council including the North Aberdeenshire Coast which runs from Logie Head to Fraserburgh.

The North East Aberdeenshire Coast is also included in the council’s special areas and this runs from Fraserburgh to Peterhead, and from Buchan Ness to Blackdog.

Fraserburgh Councillor Charles Buchan was glad to see the coastline recognised by the council.

He said: “It’s so mixed

“You have got the sands and the lovely cliff scenery and all the small villages.

The councillor said it was scenery like the coastal routes that would help attract tourists to the area.