Please keep Broch beach tidy, asks councillor as repairs begin

Cllr Brian Topping at Fraserburgh Beach
Cllr Brian Topping at Fraserburgh Beach

A Fraserburgh Councillor has urged people to keep the town’s beach clean as work gets underway to brighten it up for the summer.

Brian Topping, Councillor for Fraserburgh and District, has asked that people keep Fraserburgh Beach tidy for the good of the town.

He said: “I would make a massive plea to anyone visiting the beach that people take home their litter or pick up their dog mess.

“We should be proud of our beach, I want people go there, locals and visitors, and say that it’s lovely.”

Cllr Topping makes his plea as a multitude of painting and repair works begin on the beach, an issue the councillor says he raises with council every year.

The council have now agreed to repair the two shelters on the beach, and also repaint them, including the roofs.

There will also be repainting and repair works done to the seats along the promenade, the railings and the buoys.

“It’s such a beautiful area, especially in this nice weather.

“We want to make it as nice and fresh for people as possible.”

Cllr Topping has also said he has been working with the council and Fraserburgh Academy to repaint the underpass to the beach which had been marked with graffiti.

Cllr Topping said: “It’s now a new canvass for the pupils at the school to paint new murals.

“I would say a big thank you to the teachers and pupils who painted it in the past and a big thanks to the academy.”