Ten new houses proposed for Rathen village

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A housing developer has submitted a planning application to build 10 houses in the village of Rathen near Fraserburgh.

Colaren Homes have put forward the submission to build the houses on land at Roseacre at the northern-end of the village.

Six houses have already been approved by the council provided that construction commences in 2017 but the land is allocated for 10 houses in the council’s Local Development Plan.

Gary Purves, planning consultant with Knight Frank acting on behalf of Colaren Homes, said: “I think it is important that smaller villages like Rathen are allowed to grow organically and this development will give people a choice of where to live and will also help to sustain local services.

“There have already been a number of enquiries from people looking to purchase one of these properties and assuming we gain the necessary approvals from the local authority then the development will be ready to commence in early 2017.”

However the application has drawn some objections from locals.

William Ross, of Lake View, Rathen, said: “The whole aspect of our village will be destroyed by this development so I think the developer should look at bungalows only for the whole site as they have mentioned in their Design Statement that most of the village are bungalows.”

Rachel Hirsch, West Manse Cottage, Rathen, said: “The sheer size of the proposed houses will make them an eye-soar from the main road. This will draw the attention away from Rathen West Church, which is a village land mark.”