Uphill struggle for Mormond wind turbine

Plans for a wind turbine have been lodged for the Broch's Mormond Hill
Plans for a wind turbine have been lodged for the Broch's Mormond Hill

Fraserburgh Development Trust’s plans to build a 295ft wind turbine has come up against criticism, with claims that it will interfere with radio signals.

The Trust has presented plans for the turbine, claiming it will create renewable energy for 25 years.

They suggest that it is built at the base of Mormond Hill.

However, the proposal has been opposed by the Joint Radio Company (JRC), which manages radio links between energy and public companies.

They claim that not enough preparation has been put into the project.

In a letter to local authority planners, they said: “The JRC objection shall be withdrawn after a simple analysis shows no issues; when a satisfactory coordination has been achieved and the zone of protection is implemented; or when an appropriate mitigation agreement is in place.”

The Ministry of Defence also objected, saying the turbine will be detectable by its radar at Buchan which could throw up false aircraft returns.

In a report with the application, Fraserburgh Development Trust’s agents Orkney Sustainable Energy said that the area is suitable.

The firm said the area was not ‘dominated’ by wind projects, and that the ‘elevated open landscape appears to be suitable for these moderate-scaled wind turbines.”