Urgent need to tackle litter to protect our seas

Fraserburgh beach.
Fraserburgh beach.

Commenting on the recent launch of A Marine Litter Strategy for Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland stated the urgent need to tackle litter and flytipping to protect our seas and coastal communities.

Zero Waste Scotland is working to reduce the impact of litter and flytipping in Scotland and is driving the Scottish Government’s litter strategy, Towards a Litter-Free Scotland.

Director, Iain Gulland, said: “Zero Waste Scotland is committed to reducing the impact of litter across the country, on land and in our seas.

“Our research shows the direct cost of litter and flytipping is £53 million a year, on clean-up and education and prevention measures, with a further £24 million of indirect costs, including the impact on neighbourhoods, property values, wildlife and the environment.

“There’s a direct link between us dumping litter on land and what ends up clogging up our seas, endangering our wildlife, and damaging our beaches and coastal areas.

“This is not acceptable and Zero Waste Scotland, together with partners and communities, is working to tackle this problem which all of us have the power to do something about, right now.”

The Marine Litter Strategy has been developed in parallel with the National Litter Strategy, which was launched in June.

Zero Waste Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government to support the delivery of its Zero Waste Plan and other low carbon and resource efficiency policy priorities.

It is helping Scotland to become more efficient in its use of resources. As a facilitator and enabler of change, the group helps to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency and promote responsible water use – all as part of a journey towards a low-carbon, sustainable economy. Zero Waste Scotland has six key delivery priorities for 2014-15: Supporting a circular economy; harnessing the value of recycling; transforming attitudes to food waste; reducing the impacts of litter; implementing resource efficiency savings; accelerating the development of low carbon heat.

More information on all Zero Waste Scotland’s programmes can be found at www.zerowastescotland.org.uk . You can also keep up to date with the latest from Zero Waste Scotland though via our social media channels - Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus | LinkedIn