Evangelist returns to Broch

Following the very popular and successful Tent 10 mission last year, Tent in the Park Gospel Mission is returning to Fraserburgh.

Marilyn Harry and her team are returning for a second tent event with Fraserburgh Community Church from Monday, August 8, until Sunday, August 14.

It will be located in the the same place as last year - on the North Links beside the Leisure centre.

Marilyn is a Welsh Evangelist known to many in the area, who still conducts tent missions in various parts of the Uk and overseas.

For the Fraserburgh mission she is bringing her tent and team to Fraserburgh for a gospel tent organised by Fraserburgh Community Church.

Marilyn has seen numerous people healed by the power of god during her recent missions.

She not only preaches the gospel but also prays for any who are sick and need a miracle in their lives.

The main meetings are nightly at 7pm when the Christan gospel will be preached and people will share powerful life stories of the change in their lives since they had an encounter with Jesus Christ.

At the end of each serivce there will be an opportunity for anyone to be prayed for whatever their need.

Also each day from 12.15pm until 2.30pm Marilyn will be holding a ‘Healing Clinic’ that is specifically conducted to pray for people who are sick or need a miricle in their lives.

Power House Kids Club, a well-known organisation that runs weekly programmes and children’s summer camps will be hosting events every morning Monday to Friday 10am until noon.

The morning sessions include dance workshops hosted by Radi8 following their recent two sell-out nights when they performed at Fraserburgh Community Church.

There is always a need for children’s activities during the summer holidays and Fraserburgh Community Church has put together a programme of events to meet spiritual and pastoral needs of all ages and an energetic physical programme for young people.

Events will take place daily between 10am-12pm, 12.15pm-2.30pm and 7pm daily. There will be a free barbecue on certain days.