Extra patrols for the Broch this month

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ADDITIONAL Police patrols are to take place this month to combat anti social behaviour in the area.

Community Safety Funding has been given to Grampian Police to carry these patrols within the Fraserburgh area in response to many local concerns.

Inspector John Esson, Local Policing Team Inspector for Banff and Buchan East stated: “We have made the decision to put on these extra patrols after a slight increase in vandalism and anti social behaviour in the area.

“We applied for funding through the Community Safety Partnership and they agreed that it was necessary for these patrols to be done to tackle the problem.

“The extra patrols will take place at weekends at locations which have shown increased prevalence of anti social behaviour and hopefully we will be able to drag the crime in those areas down.

“The areas targeted by patrols are the locations that the police have gathered intelligence of problems of anti social behaviour through complaints of residents.

Local councillor Ian Tait added: “The additional patrols will take place within Fraserburgh Town centre and will take place during the evening at the weekends.

“I think this is a positive and constructive step by the Community Safety Partnership because I believe that putting the money at the point of delivery is where it will do most good. There is nothing to beat a “Bobbie on the Beat”. It not only deters criminals but it makes my constituents feel more secure too.

“I would encourage residents to approach these officers on the extra patrols if they have concerns or indeed at any other time.”

If anyone has information of anti social behaviour or crime in the area of any kind, contact Grampian Police on 0845 6005700 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.