Factory Shop boosts Willows Sanctuary


The Original Factory Shop in Fraserburgh is set to make a difference to Willows Animal Sanctuary after it has been chosen as its charity partner for 2012.

Following an appeal to the community to nominate local causes, colleagues at the Barrasgate Road store are gearing up to support the local organisation throughout 2012.

A programme of fundraising activity is planned, with a minimum target of £500 to be raised.

Store manager Julie Peters said:

“Once again, we had a lot of local causes come forward asking for our support. On behalf of all of us at The Original Factory Shop, I would like to sincerely thank all the charities who applied to be our partner.

“After considering each application thoroughly, we think that we can really help to make a difference to Willows Animal Sanctuary this year.

“We are really excited about our partnership and have already given some thoughts to how we could raise plenty of money for Willows Animal Sanctuary.

“I’m sure our customers will once again be right behind us and help us raise much-needed funds for what is a very worthy cause.”

The Make A Difference In Your Community charity campaign first launched in 2010, raising more than £100,000 for local causes across the UK since.

It is hoped that the sum donated to the local charity by the Fraserburgh branch of the retailer will make a difference for all involved in the good cause.