Family faced with £3k vet bill after pet’s 40ft fall

The Bancroft family's beloved pooch Frank requires surgery on both front paws
The Bancroft family's beloved pooch Frank requires surgery on both front paws

A Rosehearty family is looking for help to pay a £3,000 vet bill for their beloved pet dog after it fell from a 40ft drop.

The Bancroft family’s three-year-old dog Frank landed on his front paws and now has damaged ligaments that will need an operation to repair.

The family are desperate to raise the money needed as without the operation, vets have said that Frank would need to be euthanised to prevent him living with pain.

Speaking to the Herald, Clare Bancroft said: “We were out on a walk with Frank and our other dog Freddie when Frank fell around 40ft from a cliff.

“My husband Ian and a local farmer rescued him, they had to wrap him in rope and pull him up.”

Frank was initially taken to Buchan Vets in Fraserburgh but he had to be taken to the Peterhead surgery as the x-ray machine in the Broch was broken.

Vets in Peterhead couldn’t find any broken bones but they kept Frank in overnight to keep an eye on him.

The following day Frank was still in pain and couldn’t stand up so he was referred to Aberdeen Veterinary Referrals at Foveran.

Vets there gave him a CT scan but couldn’t find anything until they came to the conclusion that he had ligament damage in both front paws.

Two days later after the swelling went down, more x-rays were taken and the vet said that Frank would need an operation to repair the damage.

He needs metal plates in each paw to fuse the joints that would take over the work of the damaged ligaments.

After taking pet insurance on board and discussing the remaining payments, the Bancroft family were told that they would have to pay £3,000 to cover the cost of the operation.

Clare added: “Frank has infections now so they’ve postponed the operation until he’s clear of these.

“We’re looking after him at home 24/7 for the time being and we’ll have him tested at our local vets to see if the infections have gone, he’ll then be fit for the operation.”

To help raise money for Frank’s operation, Clare’s twin daughters Jasmine and Tegan set up an online fundraising page.

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